Earlier this month, our team in Stettler reached an incredible milestone with the completion of 500 Foremost Hydrovac trucks in only five years! An event to commemorate this great achievement was held at the Stettler office on May 25th, featuring the 500th completed hydrovac.

500 hydrovac trucks in 5 years is an incredible number that is not typically seen in the industry. In fact, our ability to build and distribute high quality hydrovac trucks in the speed and quantities that we do has left our competitors scrambling to keep up. Some key elements of Foremost Hydrovac Trucks that has lead to consistent sales numbers is our continued relationship with our U.S. distributor, Transwest in Denver as well as the brand new Rival Hydrovac, which has taken the industry by storm. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the entire team over at Stettler for the incredible and consistent work being done there!

Thanks to all, and keep up the amazing work!

Foremost Hydrovac

Foremost Hydrovac with Commemorative Wrap Design

Our Foremost Team in Stettler

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