In May of this year, a Foremost-manufactured Pioneer, which is a four tracked carrier performed the task of recovering a damaged field hut south of Mawson Antarctica. Richard Evans, Mechanical Supervisor for the Australian Antarctic Division commented that the Foremost Pioneer was the only machine on the continent which had the capability to complete this project.

The sled that the field hut was sitting on had begun to show signs of instability as it had been in position for about 30 years. The challenge was in transporting enough equipment and personnel to the site to be able to complete the repairs in one trip. The Foremost Pioneer easily transported five Antarctic personnel, generators, welders, and steel for repairs. The Pioneer’s front mounted winch pulled the field hut back onto level ground, where the crew performed the repairs and the Hiab deck-mounted crane did the heavy lifting.  After the repairs were completed the Pioneer then towed the repaired hut 20 kilometers over the Antarctic terrain back to the Australian base.

The Foremost Pioneer is a versatile four tracked carrier with articulated steering, which can be configured with either a powerful Detroit Diesel 6-71T engine. The standard 4-man cab is heavy gauge steel construction; well insulated for extreme weather conditions. With its wide tracks the Pioneer is a stable and rugged unit capable of accommodating drills or cranes with a deck for general heavy hauling. It has gradient capabilities of 40% on a side slope and 60% forward.  The low ground pressure design makes the Pioneer the unit of choice for heavy equipment operations in extreme conditions.

The Foremost Pioneer

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