This heavy four-tracked building transporter called the “Yamal” CSA 701 was built and designed in a joint venture between the Soviet Union and Foremost Industries in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during the 1980s. The “Yamal” was used for transportation of bulky cargo weighing up to 70 tons for maintenance of various objects in the wetlands and snow-covered areas of the northern regions. It could be used as a base for the installation of cranes, excavators, drilling rigs and other diverse technological equipment and construction machinery.

The transporter consists of two independent crawler tracks and an interconnected loading platform. A large, yet comfortable cabin equipped with a triple-control life support system is housed at the front of this platform (from the main engine, autonomous diesel generator and liquid from the heat source). Located behind the cabin is the engine compartment, containing a diesel engine producing 526 kW and a winch. The overall dimensions are: 20m in length, 4.7m in width, 4.5m in height and a ground clearance of 0.5m. Length of the platform for the installation of cargo is 12.5m with a loaf limit of 97.5 tonnes.

The maximum terrain speed is 15 km / h. The transporter does not float, but has fording depth of up to 2.6m. A 2120-liter fuel tank allows the transporter to travel without refueling on a 750 km route of medium difficulty.

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Foremost Yamal
Foremost Yamal

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