Typically speaking, when you see Foremost Dual Rotary Drills on the field, they often come installed on a standard American truck chassis.  This however does not mean that our drills are built specifically for American Style vehicles.  Foremost Dual Rotary (DR) Drills can, and have been sold as Deck Kits, giving the operator all the versatility of our drilling rigs without the need for an American Chassis (or any chassis for that matter.)

Foremost Dual Rotary Drills are not just sold in North America, but worldwide as well, meaning that our DR drills have to be custom fitted onto international truck chassis of almost any kind.  The DR Deck Kit is designed for many types of on-road and off-road conditions and the shipping frame is included with the drill purchase.

Furthermore, our Dual Rotary Drills can also be used in conjunction with a Crane Lead System.  Drilling operations can be controlled from auxiliary hydraulics on the crane, or an independent hydraulic power unit (HPU). Intermediate lead sections can be added to the base section to increase the mast length. This makes it suitable for various lengths of single pass pile placement, thus increasing drilling productivity.

The DR Crane Lead system can be operated with a Hydraulic Spotter  (this gives rigidity to the mast and acts as a torque arm) allowing pile placement within the radius of the crane. Another option available is an anchored template which acts in place of the torque arm and also acts as a casing guide.  Both designs offer accurate pile placement in unstable drill sites.




Foremost Flare Knockout Drum Delivery

Foremost Dual Rotary Deck Kit on an Australian Truck

Foremost DR Crane Lead System

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