At Foremost we want to ensure that our customers are getting the best product possible. Over the years we have seen many items that are sometimes missed by buyers, or specifications applied in cases where more cost effective options are available. There are also occasions where the location of installation may have an effect on the tank specification. We want to make you, our customers, aware of these so that when you are ready to purchase your equipment you will get it the way you want it and expect it. Here is a list of the top 10 items that you should be aware of when specifying and buying a tank.

  • Ladders and platforms. BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have different regulations for what is required regarding ladders and platforms. It is a good idea to double check with your manufacturer to make sure they are meeting the regulations for the destination of your equipment.
  • Plate thickness of your tank Floor, Shell, and Roof. In a typical RFQ plate thickness is not always specified and is up to the discretion of the bidder. This is often not considered when comparing a bid spread but it could raise some red flags that a manufacturer is not considering design pressure, corrosion allowance, tank size, and good engineering practices.  Foremost is happy to supply an option to change the plate thickness so that your bids can be compared apples to apples.
  • NDE Testing. There are varying methods of NDE testing at Foremost we can meet all your NDE needs from Air/Soapy water test to Hydro test. Also we work with our certified third party NDE vendors to provide magnetic particle, diesel penetrant and radiography options.
  • Material grade of steel. Be sure you check your material grade when comparing bids. For instance A-36 vs 38W can be a simple number change but it’s the difference between plate being rated for -130C and -400C.
  • Internal piping. Piping internals can have many variations. When requesting tanks with many internals one thing to consider is your material requirements such as Carbon steel, Stainless steel, FRP, and PVC. Along with this you will want to consider the material thickness and whether internal coating is to be applied. If you are unsure what is typical for your process one of Foremost product experts can help.
  • Paint and coating. The paint and coating used on a project can vary in cost significantly depending on the products used and processes in application. The brand, product, and application method can all affect the performance and the cost. Foremost has NACE inspectors available for consulting on application as well as ensuring the product application quality is met.
  • Who is building your tank? At Foremost our welders are trained in house and qualified to the weld procedures they are using on your products. All our welders are registered journeyman or apprentices and are trained by our wealth of experienced welding supervisors.
  • Consider your cost of Freight. Transportation can cost upwards of 20% or more of the value of a tank. Foremost has tank manufacturing locations in Lloydminster and Hythe Alberta to help lower your transportation costs to site. Often this is overlooked and not accounted for but can make a significant difference in the cost of a project.
  • Look at what accessories are included. It’s easy to overlook a base skid, skimmer, or vent on a quote. Depending on the tank this can be 20 – 50% of the price of the tank. It’s best to make a list of what you’d like included and make sure those items are spelled out on the quotes you are receiving.
  • Engineering and Drafting resources. Foremost has their in-house Engineering and Drafting resources to support their tank fabrication and have been doing so for many years. We are still occasionally providing technical support for tanks built before many of us were born, but it is part of the service that you can expect when you deal with Foremost.

Foremost has been manufacturing equipment in Alberta for decades. With the help of our partners, employees, and clients we plan to continue to innovate and strive to be the industry leaders for decades more to come. If you have questions or concerns when reviewing a bid spread you can contact any of our sales representatives and/or product line managers and we will gladly provide objective feedback to assist you in your decision making.

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About Shaun Mittelstaedt

Shaun Mittelstaedt started with Foremost in September 2004 as an apprentice welder and after acquiring his Journeyman ticket has pursued other opportunities within Foremost such as procurement and project management. Shaun is currently the General Manager for our Foremost Grande Prairie location which manufactures shop tanks and process equipment for the oil and gas industry.

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