Since acquiring the Dual Rotary technology from Barber Industries in 1993, Foremost has continually updated, refined and expanded the DR line with the goal of enhancing its functionality and extending its range of applications.  We are now excited to announce a brand new Dual Rotary Drill model added to our successful lineup – The DR24XHD.

The DR24XHD was built and engineered from the ground-up and satisfys an increased need for a more powerful Dual Rotary solution that can angle drill to 45 degrees.  Primarily, the new DR24XHD will be used for deep hole water wells, mine de-watering applications, and RC exploration.  With 130,000 lbs. of hoist, it has the capability to drill deeper than any of our current DR models.

Highlights of the new DR24XHD:

  • New upper hoist system allows for increased pullback in a vertical or angle position
  • Mast slide system transmits forces to the ground, taking pullback forces out of the mast
  • Utilizes Foremost F150T gearbox for the top drive, increasing performance and durability
  • Includes a variable speed cooling system, reducing horsepower requirements and saving fuel
  • Includes an arm mounted control console for variable positioning
  • Comes with an option for hands free breakout

If you or your company is interested in learning more about Dual Rotary technology, or how Foremost’s new DR24XHD can help with your Water Well, Mining Application or Angle Drilling needs, please contact:

Rick Finney (North American Inquiries) at 403-295-5812 or by email at

Doug Secord (Worldwide Inquiries) at 403-295-5819 or by email at

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Foremost DR24-XHD  DR24XHD, A Brand New Dual Rotary Rig MG 7344e 1024x682
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