Construction on 6 field tanks of varying sizes is underway in the Dawson Creek area.  Foremost was awarded three contracts for The EnCana Cutbank Ridge Project (Sunrise, Tower and Saturn). The first two contracts we awarded August 2015 and the last Contract was awarded Jan 2016. The tanks for these projects range in size from 6,000 BBL to 50,000 BBL.  Each tank was design and built to customer spec and will be painted, coated and insulated to the highest industry standard.

The 14,000 BBL tank for project Sunrise was mechanically completed earlier this month. Hydrostatic testing was completed on the (2) 6,000 BBL field tanks and the roofs were installed on (2) 50,000 BBL field tanks at Tower.  Construction on the last remaining 30,000 BBL tank for project Saturn is scheduled to begin in mid-august.

Foremost will be using its mobile coating service for external painting and internal coating of all field tanks within the Cutbank Ridge Project.

Foremost prides itself on our combined wealth of experience and ability that sets us apart in the Energy Industry. We’d like to extend our thanks to Foremost’s talented and dedicated team out in Dawson Creek for their outstanding work. Keep up the great work!

Foremost Field Tank Construction
Foremost Field Tank Construction

Foremost Field Tanks being constructed in Dawson Creek