On Feb 14th, 2017 Foremost successfully delivered (2) Flare Knockout Drum Packages to a customer in the Fox Creek area.  Through our efforts in this difficult economic climate, Foremost managed to win the bid for this project by reducing costs without affecting the industry-leading reliability and service associated with our Products.

This Foremost Flare Knockout Drum Packages project was unique, in that:

  • Foremost designed a custom build to meet the customer’s specifications while still staying competitively priced and delivering in the shortest time-frame possible. This positioned Foremost higher against standard off the shelf designs or stock item bids.
  • This was projected to be a 5 day insulation job, which instead was completed ahead of schedule within 2 days. The quicker efforts made by Foremost’s sub-vendor passed inspection and ultimately allowed us to expedite the shipping of the Flare Knockout Drum Packages to the customer.
  • Foremost Coating Service utilized a new type of Plasite® 7159 coating. It was the first time we had utilized this particular coating and the application worked without any issues. Plasite® 7159 is a high performance lining for elevated temperature and pressure immersion services in high purity water, as well as the oil/water separating processes encountered in the petroleum industry1.

We are incredibly proud of our talented employees here at Foremost and wish to congratulate everyone on an excellent job!

(1) Source: http://www.carboline.com/products/product-brands/products-by-brand/product-details/?brand=Plasite&product=144P

Foremost Flare Knockout Drum Delivery

Foremost Flare Knockout Drum Delivery


Foremost Flare Knockout Side View


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Travis Marcyniuk Joined Foremost in February of 2011 bringing 10 years of mechanical engineering experience in Oil and Gas fabrication. Travis has worked in Applications and Project Engineering roles at Foremost and is currently a Product Line Manager for Oil and Gas Processing Packages.

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