In January 2016, our employees at Foremost Calgary North facility completed and shipped two Delta 3C specialized off highway transport vehicles. These two Delta 3C vehicles were shipped to the Department of National Defence for use at the Canadian National Defence airfield located in Mountainview, Ontario.  The specialized vehicles will be utilized in the recovery of air dropped cargo from Canadian Forces aircraft during training exercises. The Delta 3Cs are sent in to recover the loads and return them to the airfield to be reused again.  The intention is to have the Delta 3Cs drive as close as possible to recover the dropped payloads, using the Delta 3Cs extra long reach cranes, DND will pull the loads closer to the Delta to be picked up and loaded onto the deck .

Until the arrival of the new 2015 units DND were using a 1974 Delta 3. This vehicle will now be retired and located at a Logistics museum (LOGA) located in Montreal.

Representatives from the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces attended final inspection in early January.  The DND representatives were impressed with their overall experience, sales and customer support received, and the professionalism and outstanding work done by all departments associated with these off highway transport vehicles.

In the four years he has been working with suppliers, Foremost was the best at keeping them informed of the build progress, meeting our delivery promises.

Paul Flowers, Canadian Forces

In the 40 years I have been involved with the procurement of equipment for the military, the manuals supplied by Foremost were the best.

Bill Divins, Department of Defense

Bill Divins, Rana Diab and Paul Flowers sincerely thank everyone involved in the purchase of Foremost Delta 3Cs.   Foremost Management would like to further applaud the hard work, dedication and professionalism displayed by our employees here at Foremost Calgary North and congratulate them on a job very well done!


Foremost Delta - Canadian National Defence
Foremost Delta - Canadian National Defence
Foremost Delta - Canadian National Defence

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