It was an old tradition for many years in the town of Hythe, Alberta to put up and decorate a large Christmas tree for the whole community to enjoy, however it had been 30 years since the last Christmas tree graced downtown Hythe.  Our hardworking and dedicated Foremost team in Hythe generously designed, built and donated a brand new Christmas tree stand to the town to re-kindle this old holiday tradition.

After receiving some information on the size and weight of the tree, our team rallied together to weld, sandblast and paint the Christmas tree stand, and deliver it to the main street in Hythe.  The completed Christmas tree stand is 12′ in diameter, 32’ tall and 15’ wide at the base.  The tree that was chosen to fit the stand was picked from a forest west of the town and was flown in by Highland Helicopters as onlookers watched in excitement.  In the days that followed, members of Hythe’s community banded together and donated their time to help put up lights and decorations to their tree.

We are immensely proud of our team in Hythe for coming together and helping out the community, especially during this holiday season.  Our team had a lot of fun in the design and building of this Christmas tree stand, and members of the community were equally excited and thankful to Foremost for helping resurrect this Christmas tradition.  It is this kind of community involvement and selfless dedication that truly makes Foremost unique and a fun place to work.

A huge thank-you again to our dedicated staff for donating your time and energy to help bring an old Christmas tradition back to the community!

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Dan Porter began with Foremost in 2012 as a graphic designer but recently moved into a marketing coordinator role. Dan is the creative force behind many of Foremost's various marketing collateral, handling such areas as print, digital, video and web media creation.

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