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The Pyramid Serrated Tool Joint Clamp consists of two flanges manufactured from high strength alloy steel and a diamond shape serrated tooth insert also machined from alloy steel and heat treated to provide maximum strength. These parts are utilized to form an integral assembly using high strength 12 pt. cap screws. The flanges are machined with a tapered bore and oppose each other to centralize a split serrated insert machined to suit the bore flanges. As the cap screws are tightened, the taper configuration will wedge the insert tighter around the outside circumference of the two parts you wish to secure.

The gripping pressure of the clamp is always uniform around the shaft for full engagement to prevent the threaded tool joints from backing off. Tested to withstand rotational torque exceeding 45,000 lbs.


Slip the clamp over the shaft you wish to secure and tighten the cap screws slightly so as the clamp will not slide down further than is necessary to torque the threads of the two mating items. Apply the proper thread compound to the tool joints and make up the threads to the suggested API torque. Loosen the cap screws on the clamp to centralize the assembly vertically around the shafts at the point where the tool joints shouldered together. Begin to tighten the cap screws alternating at 180 degrees to maintain even pressure around the clamp applying force against the outside circumference of each shaft.


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