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Foremost prides itself in being an engineering-focused company. Foremost has a large engineering group with multidisciplinary expertise in oilfield equipment such as drilling rigs and drill components with all in-house design in structural, mechanical, industrial hydraulics, electrical, and controls to API8C and 4F standards.

Oilfield Equipment oilfield equipment OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Explorer III small


The Foremost Explorer Series are hydraulic top drive rigs designed for shallow oil and gas drilling to depths of 6,000 ft (1,800 m). A unique hydraulic pullback and pulldown system delivers hoisting capacities up to 130,000 lbs (58,967 kg) with no mast crown load. [Read More…]

Drilling Rigs oilfield equipment OILFIELD EQUIPMENT CTR small


The first attempts to drill new wells with coiled tubing occurred near Medicine Hat, Alberta in 1994. Since then, Foremost continues to lead the industry in the development of new CT technologies to overcome the challenges associated with existing equipment. [Read More…]

Oil Rigs oilfield equipment OILFIELD EQUIPMENT CTFrac110 small

CT 130

The CT Frac 130 has been designed specifically to provide the greatest capacity in the smallest package. With multiple patent pending designs, this new innovation from Foremost is truly powerful and compact… [Read More…]

TOP DRIVE oilfield equipment OILFIELD EQUIPMENT TopDrive


The Foremost Explorer Series are hydraulic top drive rigs designed for shallow oil and gas drilling with the ability to handle range III tubulars. The unique hoisting system utilizes hydraulic cylinders rather than the conventional draw works. [Read More…]

INJECTOR oilfield equipment OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Injector small


With a commitment to expanding its line of quality oilfield products, Foremost has developed a series of coiled tubing injectors. Working closely with major service companies, Foremost’s initial injector designs draw on years of experience from knowledgeable field personnel. By always being aware of top industry trends and needs, Foremost has accommodated unique customer requirements where other manufacturers have not. Foremost was the first manufacturer to provide injectors with capacities of 200,000 lbs. [Read More…]


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