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The Chieftain R is a rubber-tracked carrier with center pivot articulated steering. It is a high speed tracked carrier for personnel and cargo. Maximum cargo capacity is 15 tons. This unit is also ideal as a chassis for mounting various attachments on the 8′ x 18′ deck. The airbag suspension rides smoothly over rough terrain without loss of traction. In addition the frame oscillates to follow the ground contour. This combination allows more engine horsepower to be converted to carrying power which improves fuel efficiency, and, in turn, lowers costs.

The 34″ wide tracks provide large ground contact per track. Multiply this by the four tracks and the ground contact area is enormous. Ground slippage is minimal even under full load over rough terrain. Tread design provides excellent traction and long life. Superior flotation is provided by wide wheels which extends to the edge of the track. The Chieftain R is capable of speeds up to 20 mph. The transmission provides eight forward and four reverse speeds. Gear splits provide the right combination of RPM and ground speed for all highway and off-highway conditions.


Payload 30,000 lbs 13,600 kg
Tare 51,700 lbs 23,450 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 81,700 lbs 37,058 kg
Turning Radius 28.5’ 8.7 m
Max Vehicle Speed 20 mph  32 km/h
Fording Depth 4’ 6” 1.37 m
Maximum Gradeability Side 30% Forward 50%
Ground Pressure at 6” Penetration
0 tons 2.8 psi 19.3 kPa
5 tons 3.3 psi 22.8 kPa
10 tons 3.8 psi 26.2 kPa
15 tons 4.4 psi 30.3 kPa
Make Caterpillar
Model C9
Type EPA Tier III 6 cyl diesel engine
Horsepower @ 2100 RPM 375 hp 280 kW
Torque @ 1400 RPM 988 ft-lb 1340 Nm
Length 37’ 6” 11.5 m
Width 9’ 2.7 m
Height 9’ 7” 2.9 m
Deck Length 18’ 5.5 m
Deck Width 8’ 2.4 m
Optional Deck Equipment
Digger Derricks Vibrosource equipment aerial man lifts
Cranes, Stiff & Knuckle Boom mechanic shacks
Type Independent airbag suspension at each wheel
Hubs Oil bath with metal face seals
Type Rubber track w/ bias steel cord
Width 34” 864 mm
Electrical Systems
IQAN Control System
Voltage 12 V
Alternator Capacity 100 A
Battery Capacity 2 Deltco, 1151, 580 CCA
All welded construction, high strength steel for higher durability and lower weight
Hydrostatic Drive System – Single 360 degrees
joystick. 2 Stage
planetary track drives. Counter rotation capability.
Fuel Tank 100 US gal 379 L
Hydraulic Tank 45 US gal 170 L

The Chieftain R is ideal for logistical support of:

  • Remote drilling operations
  • Pipeline construction projects
  • Power Line construction projects

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