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///Foremost 1000 Non-Code Hydrovac Model
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Non-Code Hydrovac Truck

Foremost Model 1000 Non-Code Hydrovac Non-Code Hydrovac Foremost 1000 Non-Code Hydrovac Model 1000 IG

The Foremost 1000 is a non-code hydrovac designed to operate efficiently in urban environments. This unit is sized appropriately to maneuver easier in smaller streets, but maintains its productivity as our larger models. The operating components on this unit are identical to those used on our larger designs, thereby giving the operator the same efficiencies while working, but within a more manageable package.

The Foremost 1000 non-code hydrovac is mounted on a tandem axle chassis. This unit holds 1000 gallons of fresh water and 7 cubic yards of debris. All working components are housed in a 42” aluminum, heated, insulated and lit van body. A Robuschi RBDV125 PD Blower provides 4000 CFM and Full Vacuum. The boom is 8”, fully rotational and operated by an Omnex wireless controller. The Omnex also allows for control of vehicle RPM, the wash system, offloading and vacuum functions. The water system features a CAT 3560 wash pump, capable of 3000 psi and 20 GPM, heated by a 740,000 BTU diesel fired boiler.

Standard with all Foremost non-code hydrovac units, offloading is performed via our sloped debris tank design, assisted by a wash out system powered by a high volume centrifugal pump. The Foremost 1000 is completely winterized and comes equipped with heated valving, an air blow down system and glycol purge reservoir.

We recommend this unit to utility contractors who need to provide competitive excavating efficiencies but on a unit that is shorter, lighter and more manoeuvrable than most other models.

Horsepower Requirements 350+
Debris Tank Capacity 7 Cubic Yards
Water Tank Capacity 1000 US Gallons
Offloading System Sloped Debris Floor
Centrifugal Pump Tank Flush
Dump Door Dimensions 48” by 48” Door
6” and 4” Decant Valves
Level Gauging Debris Tank Float Ball, External Gauge
Level Gauging Water Tank Sight Glasses
Transfer Case Namco
Vacuum Blower Robuschi RBDV125
Hibon SIA V822
Vacuum Filtration Cyclone and Cartridge
Water Pump Cat 3560
Tank Flush Pump Banjo Centrifugal
Hydraulics Sauer Danfoss
Boiler 700,000 BTU
Boom System 6” or 8”, 340 Degree
Wireless Remote Controls Omnex
Heated and Insulated Van Body 42” Aluminum
Freezer Hardware
Hose Reel Door
Pump Service Door
Additional Storage Rear Fender Boxes
Lighting Front and Rear Beacons
Multiple LED Work Lights
Winterization Features Glycol Blowdown System
All Valves Heated
Heated Van Body
Rear Custom Insulated Valve Covers
Hose Reel Hannay Air Operated
6” Dig Tube
All Clamps
Wash Wand Turbo Nozzle
Wash Wand Single Jet Head
Shelving Unit in Van Body
Tool Box
Screwdriver Set
Wrench Set
Hearing Protection Dispenser
Eye Wash Station
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
First Service Kit
Extra Vacuum Filter
8” to 6” Reducer
8” to 3” Reducer
Clear CoatRockguarded FendersRockguarded BumpersRockguarded Bottom of Van
OPTIONS 2nd Hose Reel
Pro Heat
Chain Hangers
Stand-up Tool Box
Recirc Pump
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