Foremost recently added Thermal Spray Aluminum to our blasting, painting and coating division.  Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA or also known as “Metallizing”) is a process whereby a powdered or wire form of metal is melted by an energy source and propelled or sprayed onto the surface of another metal or structure for the purpose of corrosion control, wear resistance, traction, or to restore dimensions. Although there are many thermal spray aluminum processes available, the two most common and efficient methods of application are Twin Wire Arc systems and Combustion Wire Fed (flame spray) systems.  Foremost crews employ the Twin Wire Arc system.

Typical Uses For Thermal Spray Aluminum:

  • Oil & Gas
    • Pipe racks; Risers
  • Petrochemical Plants
    • Used to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  •  Structural
  • LPG, propane and butane bottles
  • Wind towers
  • Civil & Architectural
  • Film Industry
  • Marine

Foremost can fulfill your painting/coating requirements at our facilities in Lloydminster, Hythe and Stettler or we can send one of our state of the art units to your site.  Our knowledgeable staff can:

  • Blast
  • Paint
  • Coat
  • Metallize
  • Spray urethane insulate

Foremost blasting and painting has NACE Certified applicators in addition to/along with a large support staff.  Contact Foremost today for more information.

Thermal Spray Aluminum
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Thermal Spray Aluminum

The top portion has been blasted and metalized while the lower portion has been blasted and painted, thermal spray aluminum completed in June 2016.

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Art is a Civil Engineering Technologist who started with Foremost in October 1999 as a Junior Draftsman. In 2001 he started estimating small projects and expanded on that skill set over the years. Art was appointed Estimating Manager for Foremost in 2012.

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