Our talented team up at our Foremost location in Hythe, Alberta has recently built and fabricated some of the largest Shop Tanks to come out of our shops.  With 10 tanks in total split between two of our customers they stand tall at a height of 59′ with varying capacities of 3000 and 3600 BBL and were all completed within the span of five months.

Complications had to be overcome as the size of these Shop Tanks prevented them from being built completely indoors.  These tanks were built in smaller sections in the shop and assembled together outside.  In addition to completing the fabrication outdoors each tank was also fully coated internally which also came with its own challenges due to unpredictable weather.

Despite all the challenges associated with building these huge Shop Tanks our hardworking team prevailed and the first of both orders has been completed and shipped to our customer 100KM south of Hythe.  The immense size of these tanks also meant that special road permits and police escort were required to safely transport on Alberta highways.

We extend our thanks to the Hythe team for both managing to build some of the biggest Shop Tanks built by Foremost and for coming up with unique solutions to complete this endeavour.

Shop Tanks at Foremost’s Hythe Location

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