On December 12th 2018, Foremost had unveiled its brand-new machine shop extension to its employees.  After opening speeches by Foremost CEO Kevin Johnson and Board Chairman John Paul Grenon, the ribbon was cut and Foremost’s brand new extension to the machine shop was open for viewing.

The new Machine Shop will vastly improve lead times, the ability to deal with emergency situations faster, and ultimately improve customer experience. Specifically, the new machine shop:

  • increased square footage by 3,600 sq ft.
  • added 5 new CNC machining centres
  • added new plasma table to support increased capacity
  • aims to improve workflow through re-organization of machining floor plan

This shop extension is major step forward as it will allow our employees handle larger orders, and complete customer projects faster and more efficiently.

About Dan Porter

Dan Porter began with Foremost in 2012 as a graphic designer but recently moved into a marketing coordinator role. Dan is the creative force behind many of Foremost's various marketing collateral, handling such areas as print, digital, video and web media creation.

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