The Energy Equipment side of Foremost has a rich history dating back to 1948 when the company was known as “Universal Industries”.  One of the most characterizing traits that stayed consistent with Foremost is the outstanding customer support.  Foremost’s documentation history is extensive and we manage many records of drawings and operating manuals that date back to the 1970s.

Foremost has supplied and drawing/design assistance for many items such as firetubes, stacks, trays, coils, bundles, meshpads, instrumentation, valves, gaskets, burner components, and custom firetube blinds. Our most recent successes of customer support include building new firetubes for a treater package originally built in 1981 for a large oil and gas Foremost customer.  Additionally, they required a replacement of a regenerator bundle from 1989, and a complete set of replacement gaskets for a dehydration unit built in 1988.

Recently we were contacted in regards to design information for a line heater unit that was built in 1974 and was still running!  Not only does Foremost keep an excellent record of older drawings and manuals, but the build quality of Foremost products continues to withstand the test of time.

Foremost has a rich history of manufacturing in Alberta and will continue to add to our story as we push into the future.

Foremost Line Heater

Foremost Line Heater

Foremost Treater

Foremost Treater

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Travis Marcyniuk Joined Foremost in February of 2011 bringing 10 years of mechanical engineering experience in Oil and Gas fabrication. Travis has worked in Applications and Project Engineering roles at Foremost and is currently a Product Line Manager for Oil and Gas Processing Packages.

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