On Monday, December 5th 2016 National Geographic aired the 4th episode of a series called “Mars”, which featured a couple scenes showing the Foremost Terra Bus.  “Mars” is unique documentary/drama which focuses on how the greatest minds in space exploration are planning the first ever manned mission to Mars, combined with dramatic sequences of what a planned quest would look like in the future.

This episode “Power” features footage of McMurdo Station in Antarctica, which is a United States research center on the south tip of Ross Island.  Researchers in this episode make the claim that a Mars colonization would closely resemble life in Antarctica due to its harsh climatic conditions, difficulty getting there, and difficulty in sustaining life.

This Terra Bus featured in the show (named “Ivan the Terra Bus“) belongs to the United States Antarctic Program and has been in operation since 1993.

Click Here for a video clip of the Mars show

Footage of the Terra Bus begins at the 00:35 mark.  At the 02:21 mark there is also a shot which partially shows the Foremost Delta 2 parked in a ship.

Ivan The Terra Bus

Ivan The Terra Bus Footage

McMurdo Station

McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica

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