Inlet Separators are used in the Oil and Gas Industry to separate well head produced emulsions into Oil, Water, and Gas and are sized based on the amount of each phase of the incoming flow and the desired quality of the outlet of each phase.  This particular Inlet Separator for relatively high gas flows, which required the vessel to be quite large. The amount of liquids that the vessel handles is quite small, so a water boot has been included in the design to help control the water and the oil levels inside the vessel.

This Inlet Separator has been completely fabricated, tested, painted, heat traced, and insulated all in our Lloydminster North Facility. The Inlet Separator is ready to ship and is headed to the Grande Prairie region of Alberta to be installed in a gas facility.

To complete a project like this on time and on budget takes a great team. We would like to recognize all the great work by all of our production staff and painters who had a hand in this project, as well as the contract electricians and insulators for the great finishing job.  Keep up the great work!

Foremost Flare Knockout Drum Delivery

Foremost Inlet Separator Vessel

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