To date Foremost has sold 154 SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout separators to the Oil and Gas Market. The SKUD has provided cost effective well pad separation of produced emulsion and dewatering for dozens of fields across Western Canada and around the world. The SKUD was designed to be a high pressure two or three phase separator that was economical enough to be installed on the well pad near a disposal well.  This therefore reduces the required pipeline size and fluid handling requirements of the Central Processing Battery, ultimately saving thousands of dollars.

With the price of oil hovering around the $50/bbl mark, the SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout is still an incredibly relevant piece of equipment.  While the economy today is showing some slow, but steady re-growth, it is still of the utmost importance to keep the capital costs of new dewatering facilities low.  Foremost SKUD’s can also be used as a cost effective measure to extend the life of a field by reducing the costs associated with handling larger volumes of water as fields age.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout technology. Our talented team of Technical Sales and Engineers would love to discuss the SKUD as an option for your next expansion.

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SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout
SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout

SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout Separators in the Field


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