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19 12, 2017

Foremost Receives Certification from ISO


In 2017 Foremost applied for and received certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 162 national standards bodies. This is a major step forward for Foremost as ISO certification is only awarded to companies whose products and services are in compliance with [...]

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29 09, 2017

Designing Multiple Well Metering Packages


Recently, Foremost had been awarded multiple Well Metering Packages by one of our customers, ranging from three to eight well packages.  In order to help reduce design and engineering cost, we took it upon ourselves to design these packages with as many common components as possible. Our solution was to design two Well Metering [...]

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17 08, 2017

Manufacturing Safety Officer Designation


On Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, representatives from the Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA) presented Jessica Siebold with an award for Manufacturing Safety Officer (MSO) designation.   The MHSA is the PIR association that Foremost is qualified through for the Certificate of Recognition.  The MHSA  guides and assists companies in building quality safety management systems [...]

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28 07, 2017

Brand New 36 Passenger Terra Bus


The 36 Passenger Terra Bus is a brand-new, lighter version compared to the traditional Foremost Terra Bus, which transports 56 passengers. Re-designed and Re-engineered from the ground-up, the 36 Passenger Terra Bus also comes equipped with Brand New features and enhancements. New Features [...]

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17 07, 2017

Foremost Lloydminster Pushing Limits on the Fourth Dimension


Our facilities at Foremost Lloydminster have constantly been pushing the boundaries when it comes to building bigger Vessels. We have built Vessels in excess of 140’ long, 24’ wide, and over 800,000 pounds in weight and we are always looking for new fabrication challenges. Our latest project we are working on is an Inlet [...]

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22 06, 2017

11’ x 60’ Inlet Separator Ready to Ship


Inlet Separators are used in the Oil and Gas Industry to separate well head produced emulsions into Oil, Water, and Gas and are sized based on the amount of each phase of the incoming flow and the desired quality of the outlet of each phase.  This particular Inlet Separator for relatively high gas flows, [...]

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31 05, 2017

500 Foremost Hydrovac Trucks Built in Five Years


Earlier this month, our team in Stettler reached an incredible milestone with the completion of 500 Foremost Hydrovac trucks in only five years! An event to commemorate this great achievement was held at the Stettler office on May 25th, featuring the 500th completed hydrovac. 500 hydrovac trucks in 5 years is an incredible number [...]

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29 05, 2017

Superior Customer Support and Record Management


The Energy Equipment side of Foremost has a rich history dating back to 1948 when the company was known as “Universal Industries”.  One of the most characterizing traits that stayed consistent with Foremost is the outstanding customer support.  Foremost’s documentation history is extensive and we manage many records of drawings and operating manuals that [...]

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2 05, 2017

400 BBL Tanks – A Staple Product in the Industry


Foremost has unprecedented experience building 400 BBL Tanks, with more than 2000 built in the last decade. The 400 BBL tank continues to be a staple product in oil and gas related manufacturing in Alberta and beyond.  It’s the product that companies have been built upon, and what manufacturers continue to strive and perfect.  [...]

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28 04, 2017

Foremost Featured in BOSS Magazine


Foremost has recently been featured in the May 2017 edition of BOSS magazine with an article about how Foremost has responded to the economic downturn through new, innovative products and services, and how our efforts in the last couple of years positions us higher as the economy begins to recover.  Kevin Johnson was interviewed [...]

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