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31 05, 2017

500 Foremost Hydrovac Trucks Built in Five Years


Earlier this month, our team in Stettler reached an incredible milestone with the completion of 500 Foremost Hydrovac trucks in only five years! An event to commemorate this great achievement was held at the Stettler office on May 25th, featuring the 500th completed hydrovac. 500 hydrovac trucks in 5 years is an incredible number [...]

500 Foremost Hydrovac Trucks Built in Five Years2018-10-10T22:30:56+00:00
29 05, 2017

Superior Customer Support and Record Management


The Energy Equipment side of Foremost has a rich history dating back to 1948 when the company was known as “Universal Industries”.  One of the most characterizing traits that stayed consistent with Foremost is the outstanding customer support.  Foremost’s documentation history is extensive and we manage many records of drawings and operating manuals that [...]

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2 05, 2017

400 BBL Tanks – A Staple Product in the Industry


Foremost has unprecedented experience building 400 BBL Tanks, with more than 2000 built in the last decade. The 400 BBL tank continues to be a staple product in oil and gas related manufacturing in Alberta and beyond.  It’s the product that companies have been built upon, and what manufacturers continue to strive and perfect.  [...]

400 BBL Tanks – A Staple Product in the Industry2018-10-10T22:30:56+00:00