To the right is a picture of a freshly insulated 750 BBL tank ready to be shipped from our shop in Lloydminster. While it may seem like an ordinary tank it is actually tank number 99 out of 100 ordered by a producer in South Western Saskatchewan.

What makes this tank special is how it became a Foremost tank.  It was ordered in September 2016 during a period where tank manufacturers were fighting tooth and nail for every order in the industry. Our team at Foremost worked together with management, welders, foreman, and engineers to find ways to cut the costs of these tanks without compromising quality or safety.

Through our diligent efforts we were able to build these 750 BBL tanks at a historically low price and were able to pass those savings on to our customer. This customer has now placed a subsequent order of 80 tanks for Q1 2017.

We are incredibly proud of our team at Foremost for being able to re-examine something that we build every day, find savings, and make such a simple project into such a great success.

750 BBL Tank

750 BBL Tank no. 99 of 100

About Louis Stang

Louis Stang has been working at Foremost since May 2009. He has worked in many areas including Engineering, Proposals, and Projects for all of the Energy Equipment product lines (Tanks, Vessels, Packages, OTSG’s). He is now our Energy Equipment Engineering Manager looking after our Engineering and Drafting team.

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