Project Description

The Foremost Air Hopper Bottom Bin line is a lineup of Corrugated Bins with Foremost’s Patented 360 Air system.

Mounted on a broader, one piece skid, the fan draws air into the skid, pushes it up the legs and into the bin through a series of outlets strategically placed along the inside of the cone. The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) report on the 360 Air system shows a uniform flow of air through the entire bin. By incorporating the existing infrastructure of the bin into the aeration system we have been able to eliminate some of the costs and inconveniences associated with more traditional aeration systems. This wider skid is an excellent plenum for the aeration system and has the added benefit of providing a more stable foundation than a traditional bin base.

In need of a bin without the aeriation system?  No problem!

We offer corrugated wall bin solutions without the aeriation system based on your unique needs.  Our bins are available in 24′ sizes and are equipped with many standard features/options.


Model Bushels Cubic ft. Height Bushels per Ring Hopper Degree Hopper Height Bin Side Wall Bin & Roof Height
2407 11816 13900 44’5″ 1391 35 138 308 395




Ken Warkentin
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  • Force Air 360 Equipped
  • Airless system (optional)
  • No radial bars
  • Lids (vented lid, remote opened)
  • Paint procedure
    • Sandblasting & 2 part polyuthrene
    • Internally coated (optional)
  • Large Skid, used as an airation plenum/duct
  • Cage ladders & railing
  • Conveyer compatible
  • Addon levalert
  • 3 sight glasses
  • Neumatic load
  • Bottom manway
  • Optional manholes

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