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About Louis Stang

Louis Stang has been working at Foremost since May 2009. He has worked in many areas including Engineering, Proposals, and Projects for all of the Energy Equipment product lines (Tanks, Vessels, Packages, OTSG’s). He is now our Energy Equipment Engineering Manager looking after our Engineering and Drafting team.
19 01, 2021

Ammonia Wagon Built by Foremost


We are excited to announce that Foremost's first Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Wagon has been completed. This first Ammonia Wagon marks the completion of a ton of work. Starting with our Engineering and Quality staff to get our facilities Transport Canada certified, as well as getting a Transport Canada approved tank design. Once that was [...]

Ammonia Wagon Built by Foremost2021-01-19T23:22:42+00:00
13 07, 2020

Colonial Days in Lloydminster


Last week, Colonial Days in Lloydminster took on a different look than in previous years due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the festivities, Foremost Lloydminster took part in a reverse parade, where community organizations made stationary floats and the community paraded around them within the safe confines of their vehicles. Thanks [...]

Colonial Days in Lloydminster2020-07-13T20:52:18+00:00
10 10, 2019

Two Storage Bullets Shipped


Recently, over 280' of vessel was shipped from Foremost Lloydminster. Two 12' x 138' S/S Storage Bullets left our yard for their journey to southern Alberta. Thank you to our customer for the order and we hope to work with you again soon. Great job by all of our staff who worked on these [...]

Two Storage Bullets Shipped2019-10-10T15:14:08+00:00
6 02, 2019

Storage Bullets by Foremost


8 reasons Foremost Bullets have the Advantage Did you know that Foremost designs and manufactures Storage Bullets?  The Foremost name has been associated with many different product lines over the years in both energy and resource-based industries.  Along with some of our more well-known energy products like the SKUD or Flash Treater [...]

Storage Bullets by Foremost2019-04-08T16:44:08+00:00
29 09, 2017

Designing Multiple Well Metering Packages


Recently, Foremost had been awarded multiple Well Metering Packages by one of our customers, ranging from three to eight well packages.  In order to help reduce design and engineering cost, we took it upon ourselves to design these packages with as many common components as possible. Our solution was to design two Well Metering [...]

Designing Multiple Well Metering Packages2018-10-10T22:30:54+00:00
17 07, 2017

Foremost Lloydminster Pushing Limits on the Fourth Dimension


Our facilities at Foremost Lloydminster have constantly been pushing the boundaries when it comes to building bigger Vessels. We have built Vessels in excess of 140’ long, 24’ wide, and over 800,000 pounds in weight and we are always looking for new fabrication challenges. Our latest project we are working on is an Inlet [...]

Foremost Lloydminster Pushing Limits on the Fourth Dimension2018-10-10T22:30:55+00:00
22 06, 2017

11’ x 60’ Inlet Separator Ready to Ship


Inlet Separators are used in the Oil and Gas Industry to separate well head produced emulsions into Oil, Water, and Gas and are sized based on the amount of each phase of the incoming flow and the desired quality of the outlet of each phase.  This particular Inlet Separator for relatively high gas flows, [...]

11’ x 60’ Inlet Separator Ready to Ship2018-10-10T22:30:55+00:00
21 02, 2017

154 SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockouts…and counting


To date Foremost has sold 154 SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockout separators to the Oil and Gas Market. The SKUD has provided cost effective well pad separation of produced emulsion and dewatering for dozens of fields across Western Canada and around the world. The SKUD was designed to be a high pressure two or [...]

154 SKUD Inclined Free Water Knockouts…and counting2018-10-10T22:30:58+00:00
12 01, 2017

750 BBL Tank Deal For Saskatchewan Producer


To the right is a picture of a freshly insulated 750 BBL tank ready to be shipped from our shop in Lloydminster. While it may seem like an ordinary tank it is actually tank number 99 out of 100 ordered by a producer in South Western Saskatchewan. What makes this tank special is how [...]

750 BBL Tank Deal For Saskatchewan Producer2018-10-10T22:30:59+00:00