Recently, Foremost had been awarded multiple Well Metering Packages by one of our customers, ranging from three to eight well packages.  In order to help reduce design and engineering cost, we took it upon ourselves to design these packages with as many common components as possible.

Our solution was to design two Well Metering Packages, a 5 Well Package and an 8 Well Package and each package can be outfitted with Sweet or Sour Trim. The 5 Well Package has been designed with a single skid, building, and header design that can accommodate 3 – 5 Well Meters. Similarly the 8 Well Package has been designed with a single skid, building, and header that can accommodate 6 – 8 Wells.

In the case of a 3 Well Package it could be argued that there could be savings in reducing the size of the skid, building, and header. However the added cost of redesigning these components and not being able to batch-build the skids and headers in the shop ended up costing greater than what these extra material costs for that unit are. The common components also allows us to keep a small amount of stock in our yard to allow us to complete future well metering packages in short order.

Being able to work with our customers in this way has allowed us to make smart design choices that will help to lower our costs and shorten our deliveries.

Well Metering Package at Foremost Lloydminster


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Louis Stang has been working at Foremost since May 2009. He has worked in many areas including Engineering, Proposals, and Projects for all of the Energy Equipment product lines (Tanks, Vessels, Packages, OTSG’s). He is now our Energy Equipment Engineering Manager looking after our Engineering and Drafting team.

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