Two field tanks are nearing mechanical completion for our customers in South East Saskatchewan.  After 50 calendar days to the point shown on the pictures it will only be another 25-30 more days to fully complete the tank builds, with another site visit planned in the Springtime to hydro test and oversee the installation of insulation.

The bid process was competitive and after Foremost was awarded we:

  • Generated design calculations, drawings and ITPs for review and approval in accordance with API-650 and customer specifications
  • Sourced and purchased the raw material required for the tanks
  • Prefabricated the parts in accordance with the approved drawings and local shipping restrictions
  • Assembled the tanks on site
  • Were responsible for all testing and inspections (visual, MPI and X-ray) and we will be administering the Hydro tests later in the Spring
  • Sub contracted and managed the installation of tank insulation

Each tank is 48′ in diameter and 52′ tall with a nominal capacity of 16,759 BBL.  Since mobilization we have maintained a crew of between 8-10 on site.  We have utilized a front and back shift format to allow for a near-constant Foremost presence on site.  As we are nearing mechanical completion our crews have been reduced.

One of Foremost’s six core values is Customer Focus and we feel that all teams involved in this project exemplified this value.  Big thanks to you all for a job well done!

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