Foremost Energy Equipment

End User:  CNRL
Project:  LAMELLA
Contract Value:  $20 MM
Man Hours:  150,000

  • Fourteen (14) Inclined Plate Separators (IPS)
  • Cone Bottom Tanks mounted on eight (8) legs, with Domed Roofs
  • Size: 40’ dia. x 45’ high
  • Dry Weight: 309,000 lbs.
  • Volume: 4100 BBL
  • Internals include 1132 Lamella plates
  • One of the largest pieces of equipment ever to traverse Alberta roads
Foremost Lamella Tanks

End User:  Devon Energy
Project:  Test Separator Packages
Contract Value:  $18 MM
Man Hours:  59,500

  • SAGD Process – 500 HP Crude Oil Pumps handling 8 wells/package in Jackfish, Fort McMurray.
  • Shipping dimensions – 72’ L x 24’ W x 24’ H weighing – 385,000 lbs each (three stories tall)

Weight: 285,000 lbs each

Foremost Separator Packages

End User:  Shell
Project:  Pressure Vessels
Contract Value:  $5.2 MM
Man Hours:  28,000

  • 13.5 people years total construction time
  • One of the largest loads (volumetrically) ever transported to Fort McMurray
  • Hydro-tested weight of over 5MM pounds
  • Size: 28’ D x 121’ L
  • Dry Weight: 884,000 lbs
  • Volume: 14,000 BBL
Foremost Pressure Vessels

End User:  MEG Energy
Project:  Christina Lake
Contract Value:  $24 MM
Man Hours:  140,000

  • 11 field fabricated tanks
  • The field construction took 2 years to complete
  • 4.3MM pounds of steel was used in the construction
  • Foremost is working on the engineering & design of the tanks for MEG phase 3A.
Foremost Filed Tanks

End User:  Suncor
Project:  MBF Firebag
Contract Value:  $14 MM
Man Hours:  28,000

  • The tank construction lasted from mid-summer 2008 to mid-summer 2011.
  • The connections for fluid to flow between the quadrants consisted of 52” diameter pipe
  • The crew building the tank received 6 safety leadership awards from Suncor in 2010
  • Hydro-test weight approx. 16.8MM pounds
Foremost MBF Fire Bag

End User:   Imperial Oil
Project:  Kearl Lake
Contract Value:  $6.5MM
Man Hours:  59,000

  • 114” ID x 93’ S/S with cone bottom and very unique design pipe support legs and c/w eleven (11) sets of ladders and platforms
  • Vessel internal with CrC weld overlay and packed with stainless steel trays
  • Shipping dimensions – 124’ L x 12’ W x 12’ H weighing – 210,000 lbs
Foremost Kearl Lake