HELEx Forced Air Firetube Technology

The HELEx® is an alternate heating system for pressure vessels and storage tanks. This forced air burner system offers up to 85% efficiency, which is a 20%-40% gain over conventional natural draft burner systems!

Conventional firetubes are single pass, u-shaped designs sized to minimize pressure drop through the firetube and stack. The air supply for combustion is provided by the natural draft created by hot exhaust gases rising in the stack. With our patented HELEx® system, air is supplied under positive pressure providing better heat transfer resulting in lower fuel gas usage by the burner.

The HELEx® system not only reduces fuel gas usage at the design condition, but it also offers significant improvements during turndown. The HELEx® system modulates with the heat load and maintains proper air/fuel ratios throughout the operating range while eliminating cold air infiltration in the system leading to higher overall efficiencies. And, the HELEx® Firetube Mating Flange has a no leak guarantee!

The HELEx can easily be retrofitted into an existing treating equipment. On a typical treater or FWKO, we can increase heat input by up to 100%, thereby increasing throughput by close to 100% as well. One of our existing tank treating retrofits helped to increase the total throughput through an existing facility by 600%.

The HELEx® payback period is typically less than 2 years.

  • Higher Efficiency. The stack efficiency in a natural draft system averages 65% on a well tuned burner. The HELEx® firetube is designed to be 80% efficient, with some field test recording 85% efficiency.
  • Low Emissions. The HELEx® Forced Air Burner System has a lower production of pollution due to lower amounts of fuel being used. They can also be fit to run Low NOx burners.
  • Not Affected by Weather. A natural draft system is highly dependent on ambient conditions. A change in the weather can change the way in which the conventional burner runs. The Forced Air system in a HELEx® Firetube does not rely on the ambient conditions and therefore stays unaffected.
  • Safer Operation. Flame arrestors can frost up in the winter. If the air intake is restricted severely enough that complete combustion cannot take place, the combustible mixture can accumulate in the fire tube. If the restriction is suddenly removed (eg. ice knocked off the burner) an explosion can result. Airflow in the HELEx® Forced Air Burner System is controlled. In the case of an airflow reduction the system automatically shuts down.
  • Increased Capacity. The HELEx® firetube takes up less volume therefore increasing the liquid holding capacity of your tank or vessel.
  • Heat Recovery. The HELEx® Forced Air Burner System makes heat recovery from exhaust gasses possible. Recovering heat from the stack would raise efficiencies even higher and further reduce operating costs. This is not possible in a natural draft system since it requires a hot stack in order to draw air into the combustion chamber.
  • Retrofits Available. On a typical treater or FWKO, we can increase heat input by up to 100%, thereby increasing throughput by close to 100%!

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