Skud Inclined Free Water Knockout

Our patented SKUD™ Inclined FWKO is the most advanced gravity-driven separator developed in over 50 years and is specifically designed for cost-effective, high-pressure remote bulk water separation.

The SKUD™ incorporates the advantages of both horizontal and vertical separation vessels. The small diameter allows for low cost, high allowable working pressure and relatively small settling distances, therefore reducing the required residence time.

The SKUD™ technology is much more than just a separator. The application philosophy behind it, and the production and reservoir technical experience of our staff, translate into increased reserves and extended economic field life. Foremost has successfully applied the SKUD™ in applications from 8 – 40 API across a wide range of process temperatures and with water cuts from 50 – 90%.

Standard Size Options

ModelDiameterLengthPressureLiquid Capacity
36-10036”55’100 psi20,000 BPD
36-32036”55’320 psi20,000 BPD
36-70036”55’700 psi20,000 BPD
54-10054”55’100 psi50,000 BPD
54-32054”55’320 psi50,000 BPD
54-72054”55’720 psi50,000 BPD
  • Increasing capacity of treating facilities
  • Optimization of waterfloods
  • Construction of low cost satellites
  • Consolidation of core areas
  • Dewatering production satellites
  • Processing 3rd party emulsion to generate a new revenue stream

Optimize field return through installation of SKUD™ technology in the following three applications:

  1. At a satellite or well pad for direct-to-injection water disposal – no tanks
  2. In front of an existing conventional FWKO at a battery or CPF that is at or beyond capacity
  3. As an inlet slug catcher (oil and gas applications) at a battery, CPF, or satellite

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