We are here to support all of the fabrication shops and field repair crews in the Lloydminster area by offering Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) services at our Foremost Lloydminster West facility. 

Our oven is 12’ x 12’ x 45’ and will fit vessels up to 8’ diameter and 40’ long, firetubes up to 43’ long and will handle several types of small piping and miscellaneous vessels.  Foremost can also handle wellheads and other oilfield and non-oilfield equipment that requires Post Weld Heat Treatment.

What is PWHT?

Post weld heat treatment (PWHT) defined as any heat treatment after welding, is often used to improve the properties of a weldment. In concept, PWHT can encompass many different potential treatment: however in steel fabrication the two most common procedures used are post heating and stress relieving, and hydrogen bake out for repairs.

When is it required?

The need for PWHT is driven by code and application requirements, as well as the service environment. In general, when PWHT is required, the goal is to increase the resistance to brittle fracture and relaxing residual stresses. Other desired results from PWHT may include hardness reduction, material strength enhancements, and hydrogen bake-out for the repairs of steels after they have been in service.


Matt Simms

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