2017 has started off strong in Foremost’s Hydrovac product line. In 2016 Foremost completed an average of 20 units per quarter, but in Q1 – 2017, 35 units were completed.

The increase in demand has come from:

  • Infrastructure spending has drove up US demand
  • New medium-sized, road-law compliant Rival design has grabbed the market by storm
  • Canadian and Local demand has started to improve from oil price collapse

While 35 units is impressive, our team is already shooting for 45 Hydrovac Trucks a quarter and expect to accomplish this in the very near future!

Increasing throughput from 20 hydrovacs to 45 has taken a lot of effort from our talented and dedicated team.  Through their efforts we have:

  • Reconfigured weld shop to allow increased throughput
  • Ramped up the supply chain
  • Increased production staff by almost 50%
  • Refined painting processes and introduced weekend shift

We are extremely proud of our Hydrovac Truck Team and how they have responded to market demands in a timely and positive manner.  Thank you to all involved for your diligent efforts and great work being done.  Keep it up!

Foremost Rival Hydrovac

Foremost Rival Hydrovac Design.  A new medium-sized, road law complient design.

Foremost 1200 Hydrovac

Foremost 1200 Model built for our U.S. suppliers at Transwest.

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