Our facilities at Foremost Lloydminster have constantly been pushing the boundaries when it comes to building bigger Vessels. We have built Vessels in excess of 140’ long, 24’ wide, and over 800,000 pounds in weight and we are always looking for new fabrication challenges. Our latest project we are working on is an Inlet Separator Vessel that is 4” thick. This is the thickest vessel we have built to date in our Foremost Lloydminster North facility.

The weld fill to complete this vessel is well over 1600 pounds, which is almost 7 miles of sub arc wire consumable. Luckily with our new tandem sub arc machines the vessel only needs to travel half of those 7 miles in order for the welds to be completed, greatly reducing the overall fabrication time.

With this vessel over halfway through the construction of this vessel, our staff is already looking forward to the next thick vessel to come in through our shop doors.

Thickness of Latest Vessel at Foremost Lloydminster

About Louis Stang

Louis Stang has been working at Foremost since May 2009. He has worked in many areas including Engineering, Proposals, and Projects for all of the Energy Equipment product lines (Tanks, Vessels, Packages, OTSG’s). He is now our Energy Equipment Engineering Manager looking after our Engineering and Drafting team.

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