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Foremost Mobile Equipment

Since 1965, the Foremost name has been associated with our remarkable line of off-road tracked and wheeled vehicles. Early innovations like the Nodwell 110, developed in the Canadian Arctic in the 1960’s, set Foremost on the road to success. Foremost vehicles are in operation around the globe moving people, supplies and equipment across some of the most difficult terrain imaginable. Over the years, Foremost’s low-bearing ground pressure transportation equipment has gained international recognition for reliable performance and mobility in extreme conditions.

Our products include exploration drills, waterwell & construction drills, tooling for mining & drilling, pipe handlers, vac trucks, and heavy duty tracked & wheeled off-road vehicles.


Foremost is committed to delivering quality products and is registered and qualified in the following programs to meet:

  • Active Member of the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association of Alberta with an active Certificate of Recognition
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certified
  • API Monogram License #8C-0158 for Block-to-Hook Adapters, Power Swivels
  • API Monogram License #4F-0246 for Masts, Crown Block Assemblies, Substructures
  • Subscribers to and actively complying with:

    • ISNet World
    • ComplyWorks
    • CanQual
    • PICS Auditing
  • OHSAS 18001– Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – ISO 14,
  • CWB – Canadian Welding Bureau Certification

Why Choose Us?

  • Foremost is one of the largest, most geographically diverse industrial manufacturers in Western Canada, specializing in oil & gas, heavy oil, mining, water well and construction equipment
  • Over 640,000 square feet of manufacturing space

  • 5 locations across Alberta, including a central Sales Office in downtown Calgary

  • More than 400 employees

  • Strong financial backing and over $200M per year in revenue

  • Experienced engineering resources and have the proven depth & experience partnering with organizations like NASA to provide custom solutions

  • We service what we sell

  • Good value … combination of price, quality, delivery and service