Versatile, powerful, and safe drilling rig for RC mineral exploration applications.

The Apex 65 features a proprietary feed system that reduces maintenance costs, increases safety, and improves performance. With 65,000 lbs of pullback and the ability to be configured on tracks or chassis, the Apex 65 can satisfy a wide range of exploration requirements.

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  • Available in a Tracked or Chassis configuration
  • Vertical to 45 degrees angle drilling
  • Mast base rotation barrier
  • Cylinder driven gear feed system
  • Blowdown valve
  • Hydraulically operated split table
  • Electric over hydraulic controls
  • Remote driller’s console Bellybox controls for set up and pipehandling
  • Hydraulic split deck (tracked configuration) 0-25 degrees

Al Pleskie

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Phone (worldwide): 1-403-295-5811