Foremost Coiled Tubing Rig

Foremost has made history as a manufacturer of heavy duty, high mobility vehicles. Since 1965, Foremost has built vehicles like the Nodwell 110, the Commander C and the Husky 8 to move equipment, people, and supplies through the challenging terrain encountered in the oil and gas industry.

Today, Foremost also specializes in the design and manufacture of drilling rigs for a broad range of applications. Foremost’s strength is in the ability to custom engineer and manufacture to meet unique customer requirements. Building on its history of providing unique high mobility vehicles, and coupled with extensive knowledge in coiled tubing equipment, Foremost introduces the CT Frac 130.

The CT Frac 130 has been designed specifically to provide the greatest capacity in the smallest package. With multiple patent pending designs, this new innovation from Foremost is truly powerful and compact.


Al Pleskie

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