Foremost Injector

With a commitment to expanding its line of quality oilfield products, Foremost has developed a series of coiled tubing injectors. Working closely with major service companies, Foremost’s initial injector designs draw on years of experience from knowledgeable field personnel. By always being aware of top industry trends and needs, Foremost has accommodated unique customer requirements where other manufacturers have not. Foremost was the first manufacturer to provide injectors with capacities of 200,000 lbs. In addition, Foremost was the first in the industry to drive injectors electrically.

Max Pulling ForceFI-70F200K
Max Snubbing Force35,000 lbs60,000 lbs
Max Running Speed190 ft/min120 ft/min
Weight (less gooseneck)7,500 lbs18,000 lbs
The FI-70 features twin variable displacement axial piston motors and single-bearing hardened skate bars with 10% more area than most other injectors of comparable rating. It also has eight skate traction cylinders evenly distributing the load over the entire length of the skate bar with hydraulic accumulators.
The F200K utilizes two independent opposing chain reduction drives, each fitted with follower rollers and gripper blocks. The drives are mounted in a common frame and a solid skate bar is used within each drive assembly to apply pressure to the gripper blocks. The unique design allows for two separate means of mounting the F200K injector – base of top mount arrangement. In addition, foremost injectors are offered with either hydraulic or A/C electric drives.

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