Foremost Top Drive

Foremost has been manufacturing hydraulic rotating equipment since the early 1970’s. Our designs have continually evolved in response to industry demand beginning with seismic, mining and water well industries through to the oil and gas industry. Since their introduction, Foremost top drive systems have greatly improved drilling efficiency and operator safety.

Foremost designs and manufactures hydraulic and A/C top drives for a variety of applications. Foremost top drives are compact, rugged, powerful and are well suited for a variety of rig designs. Adaptable to most single and telescoping mast designs, Foremost top drives are available as a basic power swivel or complete top drivesystem.

Rated Capacity100 ton150 ton300 ton
Pulldown Capacity @ 50 rpm25 ton25 ton20 ton
API Bearing Rating66 ton150 ton300 ton
Weight10,000 lbs10,500 lbs15,000 lbs
Peak Torque at Stall25,860 ft/lbs25,860 ft/lbs34,480 ft/lbs
Max. Drill Torque23,000 ft/lbs23,000 ft/lbs31,025 ft/lbs
Max Speed200 rpm200 rpm220 rpm
Gooseneck Connection3”3”3”
Max. Circulating Pressure5,000 psi5,000 psi5,000 psi
Quill Connection at Gearbox6 5/8” API Reg6 5/8” API Reg6 5/8” API Reg
Quill ID*3”3”3”

* Optional 4″, 5″


Al Pleskie

Phone (Toll Free Canada/USA): 1-800-661-9190 ext: 5811
Phone (worldwide): 1-403-295-5800