Chieftain C

The Chieftain D is a large, four tracked vehicle designed to move heavy payloads in mud, muskeg, swamp, and snow conditions. The high deck and sealed undercarriage components provide excellent fording ability combined with high approach and departure angles. The independent crankarm suspension and flexible track provide constant ground contact and absorb shock loads.

Payload30,000 lbs13,608 kg
Tare56,000 lbs24,500 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight86,000 lbs39,091 kg
Turning Radius33’10 m
Maximum Speed15 mph24.1 km
Fording Depth5’8”1.7 m
Maximum GradeabilitySide 40%Forward 60%
Ground Pressure at 6” Penetration
0 tons2.15 psi14.8 kPa
5 tons2.7 psi18.6 kPa
10 tons3.17 psi21.8 kPa
15 tons3.7 psi25.5 kPa
TypeDiesel, turbo, electronic fuel control
Displacement 6.7 L763 in312.5 L
Horsepower @ 2200 RPM440 hp328 kW
Drive Train
TransmissionAllison 4500 RDS
TypeAutomatic, electronic controlled, 5th and 6th blocked, retarder available
Front UndercarriageTorsional Coil Spring, Oil bath, metal face seals
Rear UndercarriageWalking Beam & Torsional Coil Spring
TypeD-dent, 6 ply belt
Width4’ 7”1.4 m
Belt Width1’ 6”0.5 m
Length37’ 11”11.55 m
Width11’3.35 m
Width – without tracks9’ 2”2.79 m
Height13’ 3”4 m
Ground Clearance1’ 5”0.4 m
Deck Height5’ 5”1.65 m
Deck Length22’ 3”6.83 m
Deck Width10’ 8”3.25 m
Optional Deck Equipment
Dual Rotary DrillsExcavatorsDrills
Service RigsCranes – knuckle, stiff boom
Electrical Systems
IQAN Control System
Voltage12 V
Alternator Capacity160 A
Battery Capacity2 x 8D batteries, 1,450 CCA 2,900 Reserve
Wheels7.50 x 20 – 14 ply, permafilled
Fuel Tank240 US gal

The Chieftain D is ideal for logistical support of:

  • Remote drilling operations
  • Pipeline construction projects
  • Power Line construction projects

Jim Fulton

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Phone (worldwide): 1-403-295-5800