Husky 8

The Husky 8 is a large, four tracked vehicle designed to move heavy payloads in mud, muskeg, swamp, and snow conditions. The high deck and sealed undercarriage components provide excellent fording ability combined with high approach and departure angles. The independent crank arm suspension and flexible track provide constant ground contact and absorb shock loads.

  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Transportation of heavy equipment
  • Oilfield equipment delivery
  • Supporting oilfield operations
  • Hauling
  • Cranes
  • Welders
  • Arctic heating package
  • Positive air diesel engine shut-off
  • Beacon
  • Search Light

Jim Fulton

Phone (Toll Free Canada/USA): 1-800-661-9190 ext: 5805
Phone (worldwide): 1-403-295-5800