Foremost’s Dual Rotary (DR) drills have been working successfully around the world since 1979. Over the years, the DR method has earned an enviable reputation for exceptional drilling performance in unconsolidated overburden, particularly within water well drilling and waterwell & construction industries.  DR operators regularly drill and case through hundreds of feet of tough overburden where casing hammers and under-reamers have been unsuccessful. The Foremost DR also delivers excellent productivity for a variety of open-hole applications; making it one versatile, powerful and truly unique machine.

Foremost DR-12 Dual Rotary Drill Rig


The DR-12 is a light, yet powerful PTO rig popular among domestic water well contractors drilling in moderate to severe overburden. It will handle casing up to 12″ (305 mm) in diameter, and has been field tested to depths beyond 550 ft (168 m) for a typical 6″ (152 mm) cased well. [Read More…]

Foremost DR-24 Dual Rotary Drill Rig


The DR-24 will set casing up to 24” (610 mm) in diameter. This model is commonly used for domestic and municipal wells, and construction applications such as foundation piling projects and holes for hydraulic elevator jacks. [Read More…]

Foremost DR-24HD Heavy Duty Dual Rotary Drill Rig


The DR-24HD (‘heavy-duty’) features a heavy-duty gear-driven lower drive, which generates two and a half times the torque of the standard DR-24. The DR-24HD is also configured with a heavy-duty mast to withstand the additional torque and larger hoist cylinders for increased pullback capabilities.[Read More…]

Foremost DR-40 Dual Rotary Drill Rig


The DR-40 handles casing up to 40” (1,016 mm) in diameter. The DR-40 excels in large diameter construction and industrial waterwell & construction applications. Standard configurations include tracked undercarriage or crane carrier with deck engine and on-board air compressor. [Read More…]


The DR-24XHD features the DR-24HD lower drive with increased top drive torque and pullback capability. The DR-24XHD is also configured with an angle package, with the ability to drill on an angle from 0-45 degrees. The DR-24XHD excels in deep hole waterwell and mine dewatering applications. [Read More…]


Building on the technology behind the DR-24XHD, the DR-40XHD features the DR-40 lower drive with increased pullback capability. The DR-40XHD can also be configured with an angle package with the ability to drill on an angle from 0-45 degrees… [Read More…]


Foremost’s first fully electric drill features a remote console for operator safety. The DR-40SHD features a brand new 40” lower drive with increased capacity and improved chucking system… [Read More…]

DR Deck Kits

All the versatility of the Foremost Dual Rotary Drill can be mounted on virtually any non-standard North American Chassis. [Read More…]

DR Crane Lead System

The Dual Rotary Crane Lead System utilizes Foremost DR Drill components installed and mounted onto crane leads. Drilling operations can be controlled from auxiliary hydraulics on the crane, or an independent hydraulic power unit (HPU). [Read More…]

DR Casing Shoes

The Casing Shoe (also known as a Ring Bit) is a carbide-studded shoe, welded onto the lead piece of casing, thus converts your casing into a drill string. [Read More…]