We pride ourselves with the incredible work completed by our talented Foremost Field Team.  Over the last three years our field team has achieved a number of incredible milestones that helps position Foremost high among our competitors.

All of Foremost’s major field tank construction projects in the last two years in areas such as Dawson Creek, Bethune, White Court, Cochrane and Edmonton have been completed on time.  Even with the downturn in the Economy Foremost still maintains strong workforce of talented employees.  Their efforts have made this milestone possible!

As important as it is for Foremost to complete field work in a timely manner, it is also of utmost importance to complete the work while maintaining the highest safety standards as possible.  So much so that it has been three years since Foremost had any major safety issues, making this another great milestone.  Late in 2015, Foremost was professionally acknowledged by Foster Wheeler by awarding us the Legacy Project HSSE Performance and Exceptional Safety Leadership Award.

Our Foremost field team has also not failed an X-ray in over 266 shots, which amounts to roughly a year and a half of work.  X-ray or Radiographic Inspection is a form of Non Destructive Testing (NDE) that is used to determine the structural integrity of a weld.  Welds that look good on the outside may still have inner defects that could lead to future failure.  This is a major milestone as it is an indication of superior craftsmanship resulting in zero time and resources being wasted on repairs, further allowing us to finish jobs on time at lower cost.

A big congratulations on these amazing milestones goes out to our incredible Foremost Field Team.  Thank you all and keep up the great work!

Foremost Field Team
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