Foremost is excited to announce a brand new RC Exploration Drilling Rig that will be added to our exploration equipment product line-up in 2021, the Apex65. The Apex 65 features a proprietary feed system that reduces maintenance costs, increases safety, and improves performance.  With 65,000 lbs of pullback and the ability to be configured on tracks or chassis, the Apex 65 can satisfy a wide range of RC exploration requirements making it one of the most versatile, powerful, and safe drilling rigs in the mineral exploration industry.

A big thank you goes out to the Engineering and Manufacturing teams for their hard work, creativity, and time devoted to taking this brand new Apex65 RC exploration drill from concept to reality!

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Top Drive
Stroke25 ft (7.6 m)
Hoist CapacityPullback: 65,000 lbs (29,484kg)
Pulldown: 22,000 lbs (9,979 kg)
Hoist Speed150 ft/min (46 m/min)
Torque (stall)22,000 ft-lbs (29828 Nm)
Rotation SpeedLow Speed: 12,000 ft-lbs (16,270 N-m) @ 110 RPM
High Speed:8,200 ft-lbs (11,118 N-m) @ 165 RPM
Spindle Thru Hole4-1/2” (114 mm)
Tilting Capacity1,500 lbs (680 kg) @ 70 degrees
LengthTracked: 40’ 1” (12.2 m)
Chassis: 41’ 1” (12.5 m)
HeightTracked: 13’ 4” (4.1 m)
Chassis: 13’ 5” (4.1 m)
WidthTracked: 10’ 5” (3.2 m)
Chassis: 8’ 6” (2.6 m)
WeightTracked: 72,600 lbs (32,930 kg)
Chassis: 70,610 lbs (32,020 kg)

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