8 reasons Foremost Bullets have the Advantage

Did you know that Foremost designs and manufactures Storage Bullets?  The Foremost name has been associated with many different product lines over the years in both energy and resource-based industries.  Along with some of our more well-known energy products like the SKUD or Flash Treater we also have a wealth of experience in the building and design of Storage Bullets.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider Foremost for your Storage Bullet needs:

  • Foremost has a rich history of designing and manufacturing Pressure Vessels with nearly 5 decades of experience.
  • Have the capacity to custom build Storage Bullets in a variety of sizes. We have manufactured Storage Bullets as large as 19’ diameter and over 150’ long (over 300,000 Gal).
  • We specialize in large Storage Bullets 60,000, 90,000, and 120,000 Gal capacity with a design optimized to utilize 99% of the plate strength including 1/16” Corrosion Allowance.
  • Our manufacturing process utilizes automated welding for all pressure retaining components ensuring the highest quality welds and an industry leading production rate.
  • We are centrally located in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan with High Load Corridor to Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, and Northern BC.  This allows ease of transport for many of our customers in these regions.
  • We can design and build Storage Bullets for multiple products including NH3, Propane, NGL, Butane, and many more.
  • With Christie Corrosion being a Foremost company we have the ability to paint or internally coat to any required specification.
  • Foremost can provide all accessories including flow valves, PSV’s, and level indicators as part of the package.

For more information or a proposal for your next project, call us today at 403.295.5800 and let us show you the Foremost Advantage.

Foremost Storage Bullets

One of Foremost’s Storage Bullets leaving our Lloydminster shop.

Foremost Storage Bullet

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